Earth has long been watched from afar by the Ketimarr. Humans are one of those rare species that breeds and grows quickly. They live a short life, far more quickly than most advanced races. They've managed to expand their control on their universe and their grasp on technology. Their tendancy towards war, their flexible moralities, their ability to outbreed others and their tenuous understanding of how the universe works makes them dangerous to others. They have time after time proven themselves an asset when kept in small groups, while in larger concentrations they are voracious.

They are considered dangerous, but no where near comparibly dangerous to the Blight.

Earth has advanced divisions in military, technology, psionics and genetics. At this point they are diverse, but are masters of none. They have developed; clones, synthetics, drones, cybernetics, telepaths, telekinetics, space travel, incredible war machines, vast structures, documented countless studies and charted deeply in to space.


No one knows where the Blight comes from. It infects everything it touches from flesh to machine and it mutates it with one sole purpose - to spread even further. Most places infected with the Blight flee from the infection or destroy it on sight, assuming that they know what they are dealing with.


The Ketimarr are commonly known as the Star Elders. They are an ancient race, highly advanced in psionics and technology. They consider themselves the self-appointed protectors of the galaxies. Which can make them invasive, judgemental and judicial executioners. They are long lived, but breed very slowly. Their crystalis chambers are in fact very sensitive to the world around them.


The neutral zone is filled with danger and intrigue. They are a combination of every species that wants to get lost in the universe. Everything from the questionable to the down right illegal can be found in the Neutral Zone. As the name implies no one officially controls "the N-Z", except for maybe the crime lords.

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